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Piazza Trieste, 10 - Portami qui
15.04.2023 - 07.10.2023

The second important concert series of the Great Organ Mascioni/Zanin op.398, attracts all enthusiasts to the Church of Santa Maria Ausiliatrice in Piazza Trieste, for eleven concerts from 15 April to 7 October 2023, with the most renowned organists:

Saturday 15 April "Resurrexit sicut dixit" - Andrea Bozzato, Luigi and Luca Terracciano
Saturday 13 May "An orchestra in the palm of the hand" - Raimondo Mazzon
Saturday 27 May "A musical journey from the 1700s to the 1900s flying over different countries and styles" - Alice Nardo
Saturday, June 10th “Organ music between the sacred and the profane” – Luca Canzian
Friday 23 June twilight at the beginning of the new century” – Nicola Dolci
Friday, July 21 "Musical journey between Germany and Italy" - Donato Cuzzato
Friday, August 11 "Fantasies, Touches and All Kinds of Capricci: Italian Cecilianism" - Benedetta Porcedda
Friday 18 August "La Sainte-Tradition: Bach's Legacy in France" - Wladimir Matesic
Saturday September 9 “The Art of Transcription” – Francesco Leporatti
Saturday 23 September "The Grand Tour" - Felix Marangoni
Saturday, October 7th “Cantabili Virtuosimi” – Francesca Ajossa

The concerts start at 8:45 p.m

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